Full Body Clear Coat Scratch Protection

Full Body Clear Coat Scratch Protection

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Simply put, Clear-Coat is the only protection you'll need for your devices. Forget those awkward, ugly cases! Clear-Coat keeps your device scratch-free without adding bulk or changing the look of your device.


Installation is available for in-store purchases for a $10 fee (fee is not covered for lifetime guarantee and will be charged on all replacements installed in-store).

Clear-Coat is meticulously designed in-house, and then custom cut for every device. So an iPhone Clear-Coat fits the iPhone perfectly, and a Blackberry Clear-Coat fits the Blackberry perfectly. We design Clear-Coat to fit over almost every part of the device - so you get protection everywhere - on the screen, sides, front, and back!

Nails, keys, sandpaper, pens - we've tested them all, and none of them get through. Clear-Coat is so strong, it can withstand being directly scratched by a key or sandpaper, and your device will be completely safe and scratch-free.

Clear-Coat is less than 1/100th of an inch thick. Most people can't even notice it on their device, and it will not interfere with docks, cases, or accessories - it's like it isn't even there!

Not to be mistaken with "almost clear" or "translucent" - Clear-Coat is truly clear - put it on your device, and all it will do is make it look cleaner and glossier - the original color and look of your device shines through. We've even tested it on our sunglasses!

Package comes with everything you need to install it on your device!

Custom-Cut Full Body Protector
Professional Squeegee
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