About Us

OmegaCell Communications is Canada's premier online boutique for Brand New unlocked Mobile phones, accessories, service plans and prepaid service to meet your needs. We've been open online every day since April of 2000. 

We also operate a boutique in Edmonton, Alberta which opened in November of 2004. We are pleased to serve our customers both on and offline for many years now. Your satisfaction is the most important thing while browsing our shop online or in-store. Please ask questions if you have any at all and we'll be happy to assist. 

All the of the phones on our site are brand new unlocked handsets. All are original - no knockoffs or copies, guaranteed. Your phone will ship in the original manufacturers packaging with all the included accessories. Please note that many of our handsets are imported from other countries which means that an English or French manual may not be present in the package. All manufacturer's make manuals available on their support sites in various languages. If you need assistance locating them, just ask! 

We do not sell refurbished phones and the only used phones available are trade-ins from our repeat customers. The list of those handsets can be accessed in the footer of the site. These are single units, available only once.